Student Leadership

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The Student Board strives to expand and enhance Jewish life at Virginia Tech by ensuring diverse opportunities for Jewish expression, developing student leaders, and promoting a welcoming, pluralistic community.

Student Board


All Officer Descriptions

Student Board Reimbursement Form

Hillel At Virginia Tech Staff

Executive Director Sue Kurtz Staff
Jewish Life Coordinator Isabel Shocket Staff
Jewish Agency Israel Fellow Ivan Goncharenko Staff
Assc.Coordinator of Engagement & Initiatives Anya Morgulis Staff
Kitchen Captain & Building Manager Jeff Kurtz Staff
Rabbinical Advisor Rabbi Bruce D. Aft Advisor
Hillel at Virginia Tech Staff Information & Description

Advisory Board

Co-President Bruce Kaplan Advisory
Secretary Rodney Tanner Advisory
Past President Alicia Cohen Advisory
Members Steve Jacobs Advisory
Members Howard Feiertag Advisory
Members Rick Rosenberg Advisory
Members Lydia Marek Advisory
Members Ed Gralla Advisory
Members Shauna Wagner Advisory
Members Rochelle low Advisory
Members Joe Nizhnikov Advisory
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